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HyperFreak Series - 2019 SIMA Wetsuit of the Year

We aimed to design the most comfortable wetsuit ever. By sourcing the lightest, stretchiest neoprene available anywhere, eliminating the zipper, and painstakingly tweaking every detail, the surf industry voted it the best of 2019 and StabMag claimed it as the most comfortable.

One of the best surfers in the world, Jordy Smith, claimed the HyperFreak as the biggest breakthrough in surfing since the invention of the thruster (3-fin) surfboard which revolutionized the sport.

HyperFreak Torrey.jpg
F17 Material Breakdown Layers-2.jpg
F17 Material Breakdown Layers-5.jpg
Swatch Color Development
ONEILL Closeup Button.JPG

Trim items like this Button Tab take several revisions and refinements to get the right tactile feel and aesthetic while proper construction techniques are imperative to avoid failure. 

F.U.Z.E. Zipper Stop _ Logo Button Devel

Raised-ink logos will stretch with the material and avoid cracking while the dimensional look gives the product a higher value perception.

ONEILL Graphic 6.JPG

Below is an example of the graphics page for each sample. The wrist logos are spec'd in the raised-ink mentioned above. They are shaped to match the curved wrist pattern and designed to allow flex for easy entry yet limit the opening to prevent flushes and secure around gloves. 

Psycho Tech Graphic Development

This spreadsheet is an example of any given spec for a typical production order. Working very closely with our engineer and pattern makers, we work to dial in every detail for the best blend of cost, efficiency, and ultimately, correct production of the end product. 

Wetsuit Spec Example.jpg

Working on a bi-annual schedule, getting all the details worked out on any single product can be daunting, but getting them fine tuned on a broad line takes an extra level of focus. Below you'll see the O'Neill Wetsuits Fall 2019 range. Another dozen or so (not shown) are also designed by myself for global-specific markets. During this season, I also redesigned a line of gloves and a boot that didn't make it to market.

F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_19.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_20.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_21.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_22.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_16.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_17.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_18.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_15.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_14.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_09.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_10.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_08.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_11.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_12.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_13.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_02.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_03.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_04.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_05.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_06.jpg
F19 FINAL Croakies_Page_07.jpg
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